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Hello. My name's Diana. 21. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything at all. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Sherlock, James Bond, Merlin, Victorian fashion, Alexander Mcqueen, cinematography, and Ben Whishaw. I mourn the death of daydreams with books. Happy reading.

Need You (needing me)

00Q summer exchange fic for Castillon02, beta’d by the wonderful grigorisgadreel. Thanks, guys! Enjoy.

Prompt (for all the good it did me) was:
Bond is constantly playing a role for work. Sometimes he just wants to be able to do it for fun, transparently, and with a consenting adult in the bedroom. He brings it up with Q (or possibly tries a bit of role-play-ish improv to feel him out in the moment??? whatever you like). Q is a bit taken off-guard at first, but willing to be persuaded. I’d love a bit of silliness and playfulness and an edge of the intimacy that would come with James Bond sharing this part of himself that he tends to keep closely guarded. No unhappy endings, but I don’t mind hurt feelings or angst on either of the characters’ parts so long as it is resolved by the end. Go wherever the plot takes you! Bonus points for both Bond and Q having a go at playing the more ‘passive’ part (the seduced/the rescued ingenue/whatever-else-takes-your-fancy-there-are-lots-of-options) of the role play at some point.

You know you have good friends when you text someone:

"Do you know anyone who wouldn’t mind being wrapped up in duct tape while pretending to be my boyfriend?"

And they respond,

"Is your usual guy not available?"

Stress relief procedure for college applications:
1) Bake delicious lemon-cream-cheese cupcakes
2) carefully pipe out ‘Fuck’ in chocolate ten times
3) set your letters atop your cupcakes and literally eat your feelings
4) bring five boxes of said cupcakes to class with you to share the misery
5) Cry.
I’m so sorry to whoever’s picture this is!!!!!!!! I found it on my desktop and i have no idea where/when it’s from, but I can’t stop laughing…

I’m so sorry to whoever’s picture this is!!!!!!!! I found it on my desktop and i have no idea where/when it’s from, but I can’t stop laughing…

So….I may or may not have gotten really annoyed with college applications and cut up all the brochures they sent me to make this….maybe.

Fuck, I promise….last teen angst post…(goes and hides in a corner)

Would pride allow us:
-Diana Cadello

Please, please, please,
We beg you,
Be there for us.
When we finally realize
That our parents are not gods,
That we care about things desperately,
When we’re drowning
And the bubbles are bursting one
By one,
Be there for us.
Don’t try to fix us –
Just be there for us.
Please don’t forget what we stand to loose
And what we stand to gain.
Please don’t brand us unreasonable;
Don’t disregard our pain
As though you never felt it,
As though you never stayed up all night
With a blanket curled around your shoulders–
Lights out –
Glistening tracks down your face,
Still trying to understand why you’re crying.
Don’t act as though you were never lost,
Never wiped the tears away only to find the thought of another day
Pretending you’re not held together by willpower,
Hello-kitty bandages,
And a broken smile,
Is too much to face.
Be there for us.
Our problems may not come with numbers
You can pick apart;
They may not come with scars
You can x-ray and diagnose,
But they come with pain.
The pain of needles on your skin
And the pain of loathing and uncertainty
As you drive them in.
You may not remember
What it felt like to find the world is not kind,
Does not love you,
That your dreams
Are a dime a dozen.
You may not remember
Precisely when you gave up on
Prince charming
And a palace
And a happily ever after.
But please,
Remember that
It is real,
We are hurting and lost and defiant and
It is real.
It hurts and keeps on hurting.
And every time you tell us to ‘grow up,’
We have another apology to make,
Another bruise to heal,
As our world crumbles down around us
And we tear apart our own certainties,
Our hands bruised and broken and shivering.
It hurts,
Wondering how we shall ever
Build ourselves up without you
To keep us steady,
To keep us sure,
To keep us loved.
Be there for us.
Respect us in our ignorance,
Our doubts,
Our obsessions like fireflies
To show us we are people in our own right;
Don’t try to fix us,
But be there for us
As we pick up the pieces and
Find our own ways to put them back together,
Find our own ways to walk again,
To run,
To persevere,
To love.
Be there for us,
And convince us
The person we’re struggling to build
Is worth more than the person we’ve left behind.

Soooooo….just finished His Last Vow. I haven’t read the original stories in a while, so my memory’s fuzzy, but I did just finish Laurie R. King’s adaptations and…..well. Did Mark Gatiss just steal half the episode from her? Or am I crazy?

I am a teenage writer who would like someone to write with online/critique/discuss writing stuff with. My favorite authors are Neil Gaimen, David Mitchell, Tolkien, Conan Doyle, among many. Please do message me if you’re interested.

Every story needs a good, old-fashioned villain. That’s all I am. My own villain.